Rejecting prospects

After creating a project and selecting the criteria for your target, it’s best to review a sample list of prospects.

Reviewing a list

After you have saved a set of criteria that define your target, move on to the New prospects section of your project. At this point, it’s best to generate just 10 prospects. That way, you get a sample list of the target you have defined.growbots generate prospects

Review the sample list to make sure the prospects meet your expectations; and, if they do, generate more prospects.

If, however, you’re not satisfied with the prospects on the list, you can do the following:

  • reject some of the prospects from the list
  • change the criteria in the Edit project section, click Save and generate new prospects that match the new criteria
  • delete the whole project and create a new one

Read on for details of each of these actions.

Rejecting prospects

If one or more prospects from the sample list do not meet your expectations, you can reject them from the list. Click on Reject, and choose one of the options from the list. Growbots will automatically replace that prospect with a new one. You can reject as many prospects as you want.growbots reject prospects growbots why to reject prospects

Changing the criteria

You might want to change the criteria of an existing project. To do so, complete the following steps:

  • Go to the Edit project section.
  • Change the criteria.
  • Click on Save changes.

From now on, prospects will be generated according to the updated criteria. Growbots won’t update the lists of prospects that you previously generated. If you want to replace them, you can use the Reject feature (see above). If you reject generated prospects after updating the criteria, the new ones added to replace them will match the new criteria.growbots editing project

Now, all new prospects, as well as replacements for rejected prospects, will be filtered by the new criteria. However, prospects which were already generated won’t be automatically updated.