It’s important to schedule your campaigns carefully to avoid exceeding daily sending limits set by your email provider. It’s usually around 200 messages for Google Apps and if you’re using any other email service provider it’s best to reach out to them and ask about your limit. The timeline feature is here to help you out with scheduling a safe number of emails per day!

The timeline feature in your “Tools” section enables you to monitor the number of messages scheduled to send from each email channel you’ve connected to our tool. It shows the number of messages scheduled to send on particular days. If the number of messages might exceed the daily sending limit, the notice will turn red.

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Please note that timeline shows ONLY the next message going out for each prospect. For example: If the status of a cadence is In progress: 2/5, only the 3rd message will be displayed in your timeline. The next one (4th) will be shown after the 3rd message has been sent out.